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Lightweight, versatile tool for the range - a "must have" for home defense.

 While gunfighter belts are a great tool for the range, you may not have considered the greater impact it could have on your life in a home defense situation.  No one goes to bed at night dressed and ready to take immediate action in an emergency situation.  A purposefully assembled and strategically placed gunfighter belt ensures that you are prepared to defend yourself, your home and your family when every second matters - and pants are a luxury. 


What Does a Gunfighter Belt Consist Of?



We Recommend: Black Beard Belt

This was born to be a gunfighter belt, it latches onto you like that aunt you always try to avoid. In the last decade we have tried rigger belts and tactical belts of all kinds. In the end we settled on a belt with maximum utility, quick adjust ability, and zero slip that can be ratcheted down to be both firm and comfortable at the same time. Simply put, this thing is amazing. Every other belt we have now feels loose.

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Belt Pad


We Recommend: HSGI Duty Grip Belt Pad 

It is slim, versatile, and grabs a hold of you for a no slip fit. This Duty-GripTM padded belt is constructed with a laser-cut proprietary 1000D Cordura® laminate. Designed so that your gear can be hung right off of the belt not on molle loops. HSGI made it tough for everyday LE use. It uses neoprene padding that creates a gel-like comfort while offering the best performance we have seen in a gunfighter belt. 

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4378 USN comes with both belt loop and paddle.

We Recommend: Safariland 6378USN Holster

If you are going to wear outside of the waistband your holster must have a retention system. Our absolute favorite is the ALS system from Safariland. Smooth, fast release while simultaneously providing an amazingly strong retention. We like the 4378 USN, 4378, 4377, and 7TS models. Another great feature is the QLS attachment system to quickly move or change out holsters.

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Magazine Pouches


We Recommend: HSGI TACO® Magazine Pouches

The TACO® and POLY TACO® fit everything and keeps it in place. Their pouches can hold a wide variety of magazine styles and calibers, the versatility of their products is legendary. Their newest polymer TACO® line function much the same as their nylon counterparts. The body and brackets are made with durable and flexible, proprietary polymer and are laced together with bungee cord for the same versatility their customers have come to expect from the TACO® brand.

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In this category it is each to his or her own. 

All we ask it that you avoid any level of buffoonery involved in attempting to handle a gun and knife simultaneously, leave that to John Wick, Jack Reacher, and Michelle at VODA. Mount your knife just behind your pistol holster so that you can get to it with the same motion as the draw.

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No need to go full Batman here... 

Keep the extras simple, a small med kit, multi-tool pouch, or dump pouch.

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Black Beard Belts

Black Beard ratchet belt review.

Ranger Proof Trigger

Ranger Proof Trigger review.

ODIN Medical: Kits & Training

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Odin Medical specializes in teaching lifesaving first aid to civilians, law enforcement, military, schools, or any organization that would like a class specialized for them. Odin Medical also supplies the equipment necessary to administer these skills and can customize a medical kit based on your application needs. Contact them for any custom class or medical kit you need for your application. 

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